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Volunteer at TGP

Philanthropy is most impactful when it affirms your values and connects you with the people who need your help. One of the most gratifying ways to support The Gathering Place is being a volunteer and experiencing first-hand the difference you make in the lives of those coping with cancer. We welcome the opportunity to identify ways for you to volunteer that are most meaningful to you.

Volunteers work as greeters in our reception area, with participants in our lending libraries and in our children's programs. They also assist with clerical responsibilities, help tend Norma's Garden, coordinate special events, attend health fairs, present information to community groups about The Gathering Place and work at The Gathering Place Warehouses.

Our teen volunteers (14-18 years old) provide childcare, help at our annual Race for the Place and work on special activities and projects.

We make it easy for you to volunteer with locations in Beachwood and Westlake or throughout the Cleveland area.

Why Should You Volunteer?

  1. You're Needed! No work is too small or too big. Volunteers are a valuable part of the organization and provide a service of care and affection.

  2. Build Our Community! You can make a difference in the lives of our participants and community partners. Whether you're answering a phone at our front desk or representing TGP in the community, these efforts build up elements that make up our community.

  3. It's Good for Your Health! Believe it or not, giving of your time for a good cause does wonders for your physical and mental health. Your stress levels are reduced and your mood improves.

How To Get Started

Steps to take to become a volunteer:

  1. Friendly interview
  2. Completion of an online application.
  3. Complete a 30- minute on-line HIPAA training for participant confidentiality with a signed HIPAA form
  4. Signed video/photo release form
  5. Orientation (approximately 2 hours) followed by a specific training for the area where you choose to volunteer
  6. Submission of proof of Covid 19 vaccination

Call 216-455-1508 or email for more information.

Apply Online Here

Are you a currently a volunteer? Login into the the Active Volunteer Portal here.